Oh mama, I’ve finally found a local burger place that knows how to make a burger.  Mad Mike’s knows what they are doing and that includes making french fries.  The wife and I had gone to the local camper and RV show and I decided to try this place for lunch on the way home.  I’ve read a couple of reviews and there was also a story in our local paper about the restaurant’s opening.

As you pull in you can definitely tell the building is an old Mexican taco place.  The parking lot was pretty full and when we walked in, most of the tables were full and there were six to eight people milling around waiting on their orders.  We decided what we wanted and my wife sat down at an open table for two.  I decided on the Big Tex which has two patties (all their burger is Black Angus), bacon, fried onion straws, tomato and lettuce with just a little barbecue sauce. 
The wife who is not into eating a half pound burger, went with the regular cheeseburger. Both were cooked all the way through (which they must be for her to eat) and yet they were still very juicy. They had crusty edges on them, which I really like on a burger. They have a whole list of fixings you can get on your burger at no extra charge. This is how the burger looked when I was half-way through it.

Since visiting this Mad Mike’s and never finishing the review and posting it, a new location opened less than two miles from our house.  The wife and I made a trip over and I again went with the Big Tex, but this time on a pretzel bun.

The last couple of years all I ever hear when it comes to burgers is Five Guys.  Let me say this, Mad Mike’s is much, much better than anything I have had at that other place.  Again the fries were perfect and the medium size was more than enough for both of us.  These really remind me of the fries at one of my favorite hot dog places, Hot Dog Heaven in Amherst, Ohio.

Get yourself to Mad Mike’s and eat some up!



WTF #3

I’ve been away for a while due to an illness that I’ve had a bitch of a time getting over. Now that I’m back on track, it’s time to get this bastard caught up. The above photo was sent by a friend a while back of a park job by some idiot who thinks his Ford truck is a $1.3 million Pagani Huayra.   This kind of parking is why I want to get myself a 1971 Dodge Monaco. 

Then I will replace the bumpers with railroad ties and when I drive by a car parked like this truck I will park within 1/2 inch of the driver’s door and then sit and wait.  What an asshole.

About the same time I received that photo,  I took this one at our local Kroger. The driver of this car parked way out in the north forty and still made the effort to do the perfect park. I’m not surprised the driver is an Ohio State fan. Go Buckeyes.

WTF #2

First, let me say this.  I don’t go looking for idiots, they seem to seek me out.  I was heading in to pick up some groceries when I walked by a van parked in the handicapped spot.  I thought about taking a picture, but the person is handicapped so maybe there is a reason they parked like they were blind.  Maybe they were blind.  So against my better judgement, I shook my head and gave them a pass.

When I walked back out, I was simply amazed to see what happened while I was in the store.  Some other moron parked in the space next to the handicapped one and they might as well put a sign on their car that said, “Look at me, I too am an idiot.”  I had to stop and record the two of them so that they could forever be recognized here on the internet.

Now that I see it in full color on my computer, I realize I should have never given the handicapped driver a break. Jesus Marimba how in the hell can you miss by that much unless it is on purpose or you are driving blind? It also defeats the purpose of the large diagonally marked off area between two handicapped cars. Doesn’t this handicapper get it?

And what is with the person driving the maroon Kia? I understand that sometimes a row of cars may be offset due to the first idiot and then the whole line sliding one way or the other so that they can get out of their cars. But here, this just looks like someone who doesn’t give a fuck about anything.

If you look at their park from the front end you can see that not only did they miss centering themself but they also came up short on the pull in.

No doubt about it. Definitely a fuckwad.

I had to run some errands this afternoon and since I’m presently on nights, dinner had to wait but I was still kind of hungry.  I was passing a local Burger King and thought about their new fries.  I guess they are not so new anymore, but I hadn’t tried them yet so they are still new to me. 

I remember back about fifteen years ago when they changed them the first time.  I never understood that change, their fries at the time were a lot like McDonald’s but tended to not be as crisp.  They changed to a “tasty” fry, which was a fry with a coating on it.  Didn’t like them when I first tried them and never did anytime I happened to have one after that.  Usually it was a stray one that made its way into my onion rings, I never actually ordered them after the change.

I was really happy with the change Wendy’s made to their fries a year ago.  I love the natural cut with the skin on and the sea salt makes a big difference.  They are definitely #1 for me, surpassing McDonald’s.  I was hoping maybe BK stepped up as they are advertizing that these are thick-cut fries.

I noticed no line at the drive through and ordered, “a large fry and that is all” only to be asked if I’d like a drink or dessert with that.  For me, that is all means that is all.  Period.  Nothing else please.  Just give me the fucking price and tell me what window to roll to so I can get the fuck out.

I noticed right away that they gave me the family meal size bag which means once I got home, many of the fries were no longer in the cup.

I poured them out on a paper plate and quickly noticed they looked a lot like Wendy’s old fries.

When I picked one up, I noticed it was pretty stiff. The problem for me with Wendy’s old fries over the last five or so years was they were usually limp and they tasted like they were always fried in month old grease. Right away I could tell the fry had a coating on it, not as crusty as BK’s old fries, but it was still there. It was really noticeable on the first couple I ate and then either I got use to them or they all were not coated the same. As for taste, I was again disappointed.  Nothing special, nowhere near as good at McDonald’s and in the minor leagues compared to Wendy’s.  It’s too bad because I really enjoy flame-broiled burgers over those cooked on a flat-top.

Looks like BK is gonna be a burger only stop in the future for me.

WTF #1

Are you kidding me?  Does this person take a piss with the toilet seat down?  Wipe their ass at all?  I mean, this took zero effort.  Not only did they not even come close to getting inside the lines, but they also pulled over the front line.  This reminds me of everyone I work with right now. 

Ah, close enough.



Why is it that people get dogs and then leave them outside to bark non-stop?  Why do they get dogs just to leave them outside?  I’m not talking about people with a coon of hunting dogs or a Klondike of sled dogs, but the idiots who get a family dog and leave them chained up, fenced in or collared day and night in a typical family neighborhood.

Could it be that these idiots are deaf?  I guess deaf families with a dog don’t really give a shit if their dog barks day and night. Then again, I haven’t heard of too many families where every member is deaf.  We have a family two houses away with two dogs, one is a fairly large woofing dog and one is a tiny little yapping whiney dog.  Oh how I hate a yappy dog.  There are many dogs that over the years have been useful for man for various reasons.  Man has used these dogs natural abilities to help them hunt, travel, protect and even carry little barrels of brandy. 

The yappy dog?  They ride in purses, baskets on bikes and on pretentious people’s laps in cars.   Are they bred now just to annoy other people?  I can think of no other good reason they exist.  Evolution is a neat thing, maybe someone should take a look at this with the yappy dog.  Let’s say you take two yappy dogs and remove their vocal cords or at least, do a vocal cord transplant with a woofing dog.

Breed these two dogs and do the same to the litter. And their litter and their litter and so on and so on.

Continue to do this for a number of generations and before you know it, you have a yappy dog born without the yappy.  Of course, there are gonna be people you say that is cruel and they will get Peta involved and then I will have a bunch of fanatics on my front yard with signs throwing bushels of vocal cords on my porch.  I don’t see how this is any more cruel than forcing a Labrador retriever to bang a poodle.  What idiot came up with that idea.  I mean, it’s like forcing a guy from a holler in West Virginia to bang a model who lives along the Seine.  I would want no part of that offspring.

Yea, I know the Australian idiot who bred these dogs did it primarily to make a guide dog with short, curly hair that caused less allergy issues.  What was one of the side effects?  Australian Labradoodles have been known to suffer from Progressive Retinal Atrophy, an inherited disease that causes blindness.  Does anyone see the irony in this?  What do you do then, get the guide dog a guide dog?

Even better, maybe we should try the evolution trick on the morons who get dogs only to ignore them.  Make the owner sleep while wearing an electroencephalogram with the yappy dog next to them in a cage.  Every time they drop into a deep sleep, start a recording of a yappy dog causing the one next to them to join in unison.  Maybe over time they will understand why every morning I feel the need to choke something.

And I’m not talking about the morning wood I have from the dream the yappy dog  just interrupted.

I was shut down on the Red Robin trip last night by the wife.  She had “too” much to do on a project due this Friday for work.  She also had a craving for an egg salad sandwich, which led to this madness.

Yes, those are all cooked and pealed hard-boiled eggs.  I came up from the basement last night and it smelled like someone had been running a fart machine.  I tried to rinse out my cup and I couldn’t get any water to go down the disposal.  After taking apart the drain line I found the egg shells she had tried to grind up all at once packed hard in the line.

I wonder if her project is a remake of Cool Hand Luke.  “Shakin’ the bush boss…shakin’ the bush”